About Us

What we are
aiming for

We aim for DX by building and utilizing a platform for industries that connect people who have not met and realize a world full of WOW. .However, we do not simply organize the database and create a foundation, but by incorporating the element of "people" into it, we aim to build a new industry and achieve IX (Industrial Transformation).

  • Regional x Inbound
    We aim to revitalize the region through economic and cultural exchange by having tourists know the charm of not only urban areas but also rural areas and having them actually go.
  • Primary Industry × Tourism Industry
    By creating a new relationship between producers and consumers, we will build a fan community, and based on that community, we will present new possibilities to the primary industry. Not only in Japan, but also dissemination to the world. We draw out the infinite possibilities of the primary industry one by one.
  • Establishment of guide industry
    We believe that guides centered on licensed guides are important as “people” who connect the region and the world. We will establish guides as an industry and realize a new form of regional revitalization where people meet.

Connecting people
who have never met
and realizing a world
full of WOW

"WOW" is a word that comes out when you have an experience that exceeds your thoughts and imagination. In today's world where we can acquire all sorts of information, the value of personal information is increasing, and the sense of trust is increasing.

We believe that one of the most “WOW” opportunities is travel. We aim to create a “world full of WOW” where you can encounter good local guides, activities that can be provided, and WOW U.

Meet out team

  • Yukihiro Nakabayashi
    Yukihiro Nakabayashi
    After graduating from Waseda University, joined Hiroshima Television. After working as a sports director, he worked outside sales at the Osaka and Tokyo branches. He is involved in advertising activities in Hiroshima for a major client. In 2013, he entered Waseda University Business School and obtained an MBA in 2015. In December 2016, he established his second company, EXest Co., Ltd.
  • Akihito Tsutsui
    Akihito Tsutsui
    Director CTO
    Joined SIer after graduating from university. After working as an infrastructure engineer for several years, he turned to freelance engineering. He is involved in a number of OSS-related projects. In 2018, he joined EXest Co., Ltd. attracted by the vision of WOW U. He is in charge of all product development.
  • Hiroshi Nakanishi
    Hiroshi Nakanishi
    Graduated from Keio University Graduate School of Science and Engineering. he is a certified public accountant. After working in development at an electronics manufacturer, he experienced venture investment at Nomura Securities. In 2014, he joined KPMG AZSA LLC and provided IPO support and CVC fund support. In February 2019, he established Pax Partners LLC to support his venture. At the same time, he was appointed as an outside director and auditor of several venture companies.
  • Hiroshi Kinoshita
    Hiroshi Kinoshita
    Part-time Audit & Supervisory Board Member
    Engaged in a wide range of IPO-related operations at KPMG AZSA LLC. After that, he will promote open innovation support operations, connect large companies, startups, and academia, and work from a global perspective, aiming to realize an ecosystem comparable to Silicon Valley. After retiring from the audit firm, he supported IPOs and provided management guidance for startups. At T&S Co., Ltd., he realized the company's IPO as the director in charge of IPOs.
  • Rise Hayashi
    Rise Hayashi
    PR Public Relations (Outsourcing)
    After graduating from university, joined Niigata Broadcasting. He belongs to the announcement department. He is in charge of a wide range of MCs and reporters for information programs, personality and narration for radio programs. She is currently working as a freelance announcer.
  • Shioriko Ohta
    Shioriko Ohta
    Born in Fukui Prefecture. He is a 4th year university student. In my seminar, I am learning about regional branding, and my dream is to do activities that make residents feel that they are glad to live in this region. Her specialty is scooping super balls, and she has caught over 780 of them. she has a weak stomach